Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Still Believe

This year brought back the memory of childhood when I still believed in Santa. I remember when I first realized that, "No, it wasn't so!" My parents were discussing a particular Santa gift, where it was purchased; how perfect it was; how much it cost; etc. The gift was a picture of Jesus which they had hung over my bed and I was saying my nightly prayers to Jesus but at the same time hearing their conversation. I knew. It didn't matter; I loved the picture of Jesus and continued praying to it. I have no idea what became of the picture. This picture is the exact pose, but mine was framed. But, I still believe in the power of Jesus; so, it was a lasting gift. Thank you Mom and Dad.

On another note, Jim asked me what I wanted for Christmas; this is not really a usual question in our household because the kids are grown and gone. When he asked; I was looking at an email from Tiffany. How did I get on their email list?? So, I glibly said,"This ring, right here."

He said, "O.K."

I said" Should I order it?"

He replied,"Whatever."

Well, my mind was reeling and I thought , "I don't know what size to order". Tiffany's was offering free shipping; guaranteed delivery by Christmas Day. I knew I could go to get my finger measured, but I really didn't have time. We were frantically remodeling our motor home on a schedule. So, I let it pass. Well, Jim asked again and I mentioned the ring, so long story short, last Sunday after church we went to the Garden's Mall to Tiffany's . BTW Jim hates going to any mall. We had a great lunch at Brio's and then on to Tiffany's ! They were out of my size!!! But, we ordered the ring and it came on Thur. the 27 th. That was fine! I was thrilled. I love the ring; it is so me. Sweet, sweet Santa, Jim!! Love you lots.

O.K. I need a manicure! Manicures and working on the motor home don't go together!

We went to Outback for New Year's dinner yesterday to beat the crowd. So, today we will stay home and work some more on the motor home. Before we went to Outback, I checked the menu online and decided what to order to fit WW points; that lasted until I actually ordered the Outback special. Steak just has a lot of points. The holidays have been bad; no that's wrong; the holidays have been great; I have been bad!

Another note..., yesterday at church the song leader and his son sang "Find us Faithful". It was so powerful. On the way to Outback, Jim told me the song and their duet touched him to the very core of his soul. I found the words and am going to try to add them as an element here. Previewing the post, it looked like it worked! WOW!

Have a great and safe New Year's Eve.


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Jackie said...

Oh Susan...I so agree with you...I Believe too :) And LOVE your!!!!