Monday, October 27, 2008

Design Your Life

Here is week 3 Real World Color Assignment from the Design Your Life Class. Loved this lesson.

Looks like temps at home are perfect, perfect for window washing, yard work and planting annuals.

I'll have to fit some time in for catching up on DYL.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biketoberfest & Georgia Riding

When we left home for Biketoberfest we wondered what we would do in Daytona for a week. Well, we filled the week with bike shopping and bought an '09. Jim wanted an '09 model because there are a lot of changes.

Looks like all my pics will be at the top because I haven't figured out all/everything I need to do on the MAC.

After Biketoberfest we came to Georgia for some cooler riding.  We have been riding each day enjoying cooler tempertures and a lot of photo ops. It's kind of hard to get Jim to stop everywhere I want to take a picture, but he's really pretty good about stopping.

The top photo was taken at a gin mill in Bartow, GA. The gin mill is no longer in operation.

Bottom photo at our freind's restoration shop in Daytona where we parked our motorhome during Biketoberfest.

Yes, Jim has already modified the new bike from the second photo to the first.  He installed a taller windshield for him and a back rest for me. Of course, it changed the look.

So, just a minor update. 

Hugs, everyone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of LO's & Sorta Catching Up ???

These are LO's from the CathyZ class at Big Pictue Scrapbooking. I do love the class because I am beginning to understand elements of design. The first LO is hybrid.

The second Wyatt and Papa Jim is one of my favorite LO's I have ever done.

The following is representative of the assignment to use the color wheel.

The next two illustrate balance in a 2 page LO.
Well, I have ordered the supplies..., album, the different size page protectors, etc. I have a tremendous amount of IRL supplies, but just think I still like digi best.

What I am doing is printing everything in the specified size except the 12 X12. Those I am printing 8X8 and mounting on traditional IRL 12 X 12 paper..., hybrid; well sorta!

So far, I am loving the class!

Friday the announcement at Jessica of her new class which begins in November. I cannot wait; it will be fantastic whatever the content!

We are going out-of-town Friday..., Biketoberfest-Daytona and then on to Juliette, GA, for the the Old Mill Days. Juliette is where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.

Happy times for all!