Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas

I have had fun making an e card.  I was inspired by this LO at Designer Digitals. I think the reindeer brush work is beautiful. 

Have a great day.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Obviously not here!

Well, since Jim has suffered through so much in the last several weeks, I just haven't blogged or done much of anything except trying to get him better.

The LO is from our trip during Thanksgiving week..., Keys, South Beach, Marco Island, Everglades City.

The LO is of the art deco district of South Beach.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Design Your Life

Here is week 3 Real World Color Assignment from the Design Your Life Class. Loved this lesson.

Looks like temps at home are perfect, perfect for window washing, yard work and planting annuals.

I'll have to fit some time in for catching up on DYL.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biketoberfest & Georgia Riding

When we left home for Biketoberfest we wondered what we would do in Daytona for a week. Well, we filled the week with bike shopping and bought an '09. Jim wanted an '09 model because there are a lot of changes.

Looks like all my pics will be at the top because I haven't figured out all/everything I need to do on the MAC.

After Biketoberfest we came to Georgia for some cooler riding.  We have been riding each day enjoying cooler tempertures and a lot of photo ops. It's kind of hard to get Jim to stop everywhere I want to take a picture, but he's really pretty good about stopping.

The top photo was taken at a gin mill in Bartow, GA. The gin mill is no longer in operation.

Bottom photo at our freind's restoration shop in Daytona where we parked our motorhome during Biketoberfest.

Yes, Jim has already modified the new bike from the second photo to the first.  He installed a taller windshield for him and a back rest for me. Of course, it changed the look.

So, just a minor update. 

Hugs, everyone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of LO's & Sorta Catching Up ???

These are LO's from the CathyZ class at Big Pictue Scrapbooking. I do love the class because I am beginning to understand elements of design. The first LO is hybrid.

The second Wyatt and Papa Jim is one of my favorite LO's I have ever done.

The following is representative of the assignment to use the color wheel.

The next two illustrate balance in a 2 page LO.
Well, I have ordered the supplies..., album, the different size page protectors, etc. I have a tremendous amount of IRL supplies, but just think I still like digi best.

What I am doing is printing everything in the specified size except the 12 X12. Those I am printing 8X8 and mounting on traditional IRL 12 X 12 paper..., hybrid; well sorta!

So far, I am loving the class!

Friday the announcement at Jessica of her new class which begins in November. I cannot wait; it will be fantastic whatever the content!

We are going out-of-town Friday..., Biketoberfest-Daytona and then on to Juliette, GA, for the the Old Mill Days. Juliette is where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.

Happy times for all!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am so thrilled! This is such a huge, exciting event for me! I found out Friday that Chris and Jada are having a girl!!! This morning I received sonogram photos. Everything is just fine and Baby Girl is just beautiful!

I am very behind on photos of summer events! I don't scrap in sequence, so why should I blog in sequence?

I thought I had wedding photos with me on my EHD while out-of-town, but no. Here are just a quick couple of the day..., very informal.

B&W of Jada.

Schazam of Jada and her daughter Julianna.

Julianna and Kristopher, Jada's son.

Chris receiving

Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Terror Inside"

Chris and Jada pictured with the award.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Texture Tutorial

This is the creation from the third tutorial of our group. This tutorial is by Veevs; she creates the most awesome photos using textures. Her's are art.


This log home is in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC. I do like the original, but here is the texture tutorial result. First, I used Kimi's sketch tutorial then followed Veevs tut.

I have completed the three tutorials riding in the passenger seat of our motor home. PSE6 screen is very hard to see in the sun. I wanted to play around with a couple more textures on this, but .... !

Friday, August 29, 2008

Extraction Tutorial

My dear Spraground GF Veevs got a bunch of us out of our seats and 'goin again! She has sparked tutorials and the first one has been presented by Lynne. I used PSE 6 which has a Magic Extraction option. WOW! Easy! Well, I had never done an extraction, but I am pleased with the results.





Lynne Grieveson Tweet-Bird
Vera Lim Memories Makers-Papers & Elements
K Pertiet Grunge Overlay

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can one Post Possibly Cover the Summer?

Can one Post Possibly Cover the Summer..., NOPE!

Jim & I have been on the road traveling in our motor home since the beginning of Aug. We have been seeking cooler temperatures and found it a lot cooler at Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's one of our favorite places, lots of nice motorcycle riding on the Parkway. This is a LO using a Ali Edwards Template and AVictoria Pina Papers both available at Designer Digitals.

The huge event of the summer was Chris and Jada's wedding. AND the wonderful news that they are expecting. DS Chris being a father was something I never thought would possibly happen. We are all so thrilled, a gift from God. I will have to post a couple of photos of the wedding.

Jane & Wyatt were able to come and spend a weekend with us on the Parkway before we left for the AMCA meet in Davenport, Iowa.

Wyatt earned his Junior Ranger Badge; he was very proud of his certificate and badge.

We hiked, roasted marshmallows, all of the camp out fun.

Our first adventure when we left FL was to attend a ride in Bat Cave, NC. Yes, there really is a place with that name! We stayed at an RV park in Hendersonville, NC. Hendersonville is right in the middle of NC apple country. The area is gorgeous!

Endless roads lead to endless discoveries.

Above--Blog Frames by lanne available at Shabby Miss Jenn.

The area is also famous for peaches. I was so happy to find lots of just picked fruits and veggies for sale.

Well, here we are in Davenport and coming here seeing all the Interstate signs to Chicago really made me emotional recalling the great time at out first Spraguefest.

I think that pretty well covers the biggies for the summer. I know I didn't say anything about the awesome time I had in Chicago. It was perfect and unlike anything I have ever done!

Oh, I did buy a Canon 40D but have only taken a few pics with it. It is heavy, but very sleek.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Giveaway at Cotton Candy by Natalie

Natalie at Cotton Candy by Natalie is currently having a contest to give away one of her fabulous camera straps!

I love this one!

All of her straps are awesome! Check them out here!

I got to see her awesome straps in person at the Spraguefest 08 in Chicago. Her MIL Digital Deb was there.

I hope I can do a better job keeping this blog up!

Right now, we are in Hendersonville, NC, for a vintage road run tomorrow and Sunday. After that we are headed to the Parkway with no internet service, but hey two posts in one day! Gotta have some credit for that!

Happy days!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trying to Blog Catch Up!

This is a photo I posted at

The photo is a mid-week challenge in the Digital Photography class being taught by Candice Stringham. I love the class and this week is the last week. I feel like I have learned so much! The course was perfectly paced and got me off of auto and actually using the creative modes! Yah!

I bought a new digital camera, a Canon 40D. Love it, but I have a lot to learn about it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

How Cool is This?

S U s-sf5 a N d

Google Spell with Flickr.

This reminds me of a picture I took in Chicago of Chicago spelled with items, landmarks of Chicago.


It doesn't show up as one line posted???

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Sadly Ignored Spot or You are Here!

At least one exciting thing, off tomorrow to the Beta Spraguefest in Chicago. It is going to be a major Girl's Night Out! Sixteen or so of us total strangers are going to rock the Hyatt for 3 days and 2 nights.

I am just a little nervous having not flown in years, but O.K. with it.

So, I will be back on Sunday starting the new Digi Photo class with Candice Stringham, I am so excited about the class because I really want to know what I am doing with my DSLR. I want to take photos that are art.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Another Storyboard

I love these! Plus, I cannot believe sites have them for sale and now I know how to make them! Gotta love that.

I have a link on a previous post for Photoshop Friday tutorial for creating a storyboard. Additional, info about this one. I copied the pics from the internet and used Kimi's High Pass tutorial. Also, Vera Lim Magic swirl and Beautiful ES font.


Have a great weekend!

Today's photo.

The Old Homestead

Kimi's Sketch Tutorial and Nicole Van Texture.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Header Change

I just wanted to change the header. Originally, I intended to change it monthly and with a seasonal theme. I liked the cute birdie on the previous one, so just left it for a couple months.

Also, going to add the photo-of-the-day that I did for today.

Kimi's Water Color Tutorial and Scrap Artist Gypsy Chick Artistic Photo Frames.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to the Blog

This is one pretty ignored place!

Had a great time in Oley and actually got about 10 miles to the gallon!

I have several photos to post and a LO. I still have to complete DID at I have not completed Week 3 or 4. I have been taking part in a new challenge there-a photo-a-day in May. I hope I will be able to keep it up when we go out-of-town. I don't imagine I will have an internet connection in the Blue Ridge Mountains in VA or at Jane's in WV. There will be a lot of great photo ops there, tho.

This LO is of my grand-niece. My nephew Mark and his wife Sirlei's newborn baby girl.

Here name is Elisa Duarte Farley. Her middle name is her mother Sirlei's maiden name. That is the tradition in Brazil. Elisa was born April 17.

Back to my old bad habits; I didn't keep track of the credits! Think I remember most. The background paper is DD KPertiet Song Bird and the Alpha is from DD KPertiet King Me Kit. Also, the "sticker" on the left side of the large photo is from King Me. The brush work around the outer perimeter is DD KPertiet Floral Edgers. Font: Sweet baby girl-Bleeding Cowboys. Clock and Treasured Memory Stamp also DD KPertiet. The plume flourish on the bottom right of the large photo is DD Anna Aspnes. The flourished swirl under the words are Jen Wilson. I remembered everything!

Here are the photos I have been working on for photo a day.

On the following three photos, I used Kimi's Sketch Tutorial.

The following is a storyboard created from Photoshop Friday. The tutorial is easy!!! And the result has dramatic. The storyboard has SO many uses!

This is a start at better blogging!

for stopping by!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

DID Digi in Deep Course

We are going to Oley for the Perkiomen AMCA Swap Meet; yea, we are going even tho diesel is about $4.25 here and we get a big 9 miles per gallon in the motorhome. Yes, we have been to Oley many times! Who can pass up fun; not us?

I do want to upload the couple LO's from the new class.

The following is Week 1, Lesson 1a.

This on e is Week 1, Lesson 1b and the Intention Challenge. I combined the two.

The following is Week 2, Lesson 2a.

Have a great weekend!