Friday, February 22, 2008

Playing with John's Photo Blast Actions

I have John's Photo Blast actions and I like this pic. of Jada. I thought it would be perfect to try the actions. Usually, 99% of my pics are motorcycles and related parts! So, I am going to wear this pic. out trying the actions. Actually, John's action duplicate the original so playing is quick and easy peasy!

1. Acid Wash---love, love this action!
2. Antique Color

3. Beauty Glow

4. Contra Soft

5. Color Wash Pro

6. Polaroid

7. Soft

8. Saddle

9. Rustic Charm

10. Soft Edges

11. Soft Edges 3

12. Soft Edges 4

13. Sunset Color Sketch

Which number (s) is/are your favorite/favorites.

I did run all the actions today and first saved all my favorites and loaded them. After looking at them again I love 1, 4, 6 and 13.

Happy Days!!


david in onaero said...

I think number 7. soft looks best.

Amanda said...

I like 3, 11 and 13.

Heather said...

I like 1, 4, and 9.

Incidentally, you can run multiple actions over each other to achieve different effects. I've done that and have gotten cool results (really depends on the photo though).

Very fun, Susan!

Jeanne said...

My preference is for the soft ones. I know actions are fun, but I personally don't quite get why the acid wash is so popular...but I'm not a true photographer so I am sure I am missing something when people show all the altered photos! Love love love the look of the soft ones!

Talore said...

Susan...I love John's actions! The photo is gorgeous without any effects, but I really like #1, #4, and #13 (my favorite I think).


Ann said...

LOL I like em all. I must see about getting some of those. They are so cool.

Angela2932 said...

These are wonderful! I really like the polaroid and rustic ones the best. I also have John's actions, and so this is exciting to see how some of them turn out because I haven't really learned all they can do yet.

The Wolff Pack said...

I love 4, 7, and 9. Rustic charm is one I've been enjoying alot!

Jana said...

Oh Susan, these are wonderful! I'm soooo glad you showed all the different ones on the same photo! That really helps me get a better perspective as I also have the PhotoBlasts. Jada is gorgeous BTW! I always have trouble with the paint step.Do you do that manually or just let the actions go automatically? Great job & TFS!

Joan said...

Thanks for showing all these Susan. Its so nice to get another perspective on them. I love the Polaroid and the soft edges. I have to check if I have the soft edges. Great job.

Dawn said...

WOW..took a break from my ACDsee headaches to come and visit and am i glad!! these are wonderful...i need to do this..have all john's photoblasts !! thanks

Jackie said...

I think I like the soft edges ones the best :)

Terri said...

These are sooooo cool! I really like the Polaroid and the last one.

Just stopped by to say "hi".