Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am so thrilled! This is such a huge, exciting event for me! I found out Friday that Chris and Jada are having a girl!!! This morning I received sonogram photos. Everything is just fine and Baby Girl is just beautiful!

I am very behind on photos of summer events! I don't scrap in sequence, so why should I blog in sequence?

I thought I had wedding photos with me on my EHD while out-of-town, but no. Here are just a quick couple of the day..., very informal.

B&W of Jada.

Schazam of Jada and her daughter Julianna.

Julianna and Kristopher, Jada's son.

Chris receiving

Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Terror Inside"

Chris and Jada pictured with the award.


Jackie said...

Oh...a baby the pics you shared

Jana said...

Oh awesome, a baby girl! Congratulations to all Susan! Now you can shop for pink! Loved the photos on your blog. Your son & Jada are a beautiful couple!

Anke said...

these are some really nice photos Susan! I love the sonogram, is there any doubt that baby is alive? Sorry to throw that in there, but it really struck me looking at that! Congratulations, a baby girl is awesome!!

LivE said...

Awww. The miracle of life. It always makes you catch your breath and smile and thank God for this AWESOME gift, doesn't it? Congratulations to all who are anticipating Baby Girl's arrival! (((hugs))) especially for you, my friend! - Liv

Jen Wolff said...

YAY! Now you get to shop for pink stuff! Your blog looks awesome! It looks like you've had an awesome Summer!

Veevs said...

Ohhh thats fantastic news Susan, a lovely baby girls! Way to go!!

Dawn said...

Baby Girl!! dd is having a boy next month..Congratulations! Love your photos!!

Ljonezy said...

A new baby! How wonderful! Gotta love all that pink stuff to shop for now. Just think you can get pages done ahead of time and then just plop in the pictures!

And congrats on the award for your son also!