Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lots of LO's & Sorta Catching Up ???

These are LO's from the CathyZ class at Big Pictue Scrapbooking. I do love the class because I am beginning to understand elements of design. The first LO is hybrid.

The second Wyatt and Papa Jim is one of my favorite LO's I have ever done.

The following is representative of the assignment to use the color wheel.

The next two illustrate balance in a 2 page LO.
Well, I have ordered the supplies..., album, the different size page protectors, etc. I have a tremendous amount of IRL supplies, but just think I still like digi best.

What I am doing is printing everything in the specified size except the 12 X12. Those I am printing 8X8 and mounting on traditional IRL 12 X 12 paper..., hybrid; well sorta!

So far, I am loving the class!

Friday the announcement at Jessica of her new class which begins in November. I cannot wait; it will be fantastic whatever the content!

We are going out-of-town Friday..., Biketoberfest-Daytona and then on to Juliette, GA, for the the Old Mill Days. Juliette is where Fried Green Tomatoes was filmed.

Happy times for all!


Carol said...

Susan your layouts from Cathy Z class are fantastic. It is a class I wanted to do, unfortunately our depressing $ atm makes the class pretty expensive.

Jen Wolff said...

Susan your Lo's are amazing!!!!!! Biketoberfest?!? Sounds awesome!

Dawn said...

These are GREAT!!!You have been busy!!! I am really missing classes...looking foward to jessica's but wish she was also doing the "deeper" class...need the structure to get LO done!! Have fun at the biketoberfest!!dewnie

Heather said...

Hiya Susan! Been gone way too long. Keep the posts coming so I can catch up with ya!