Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biketoberfest & Georgia Riding

When we left home for Biketoberfest we wondered what we would do in Daytona for a week. Well, we filled the week with bike shopping and bought an '09. Jim wanted an '09 model because there are a lot of changes.

Looks like all my pics will be at the top because I haven't figured out all/everything I need to do on the MAC.

After Biketoberfest we came to Georgia for some cooler riding.  We have been riding each day enjoying cooler tempertures and a lot of photo ops. It's kind of hard to get Jim to stop everywhere I want to take a picture, but he's really pretty good about stopping.

The top photo was taken at a gin mill in Bartow, GA. The gin mill is no longer in operation.

Bottom photo at our freind's restoration shop in Daytona where we parked our motorhome during Biketoberfest.

Yes, Jim has already modified the new bike from the second photo to the first.  He installed a taller windshield for him and a back rest for me. Of course, it changed the look.

So, just a minor update. 

Hugs, everyone.


Anke said...

wow, cool bike! What is it? You can tell I am totally ignorant. My Karate teacher used to ride down to Daytona, he is a fearsome looking dude, LOL.

Jen Wolff said...

The first picture is awesome!!! Wow! That bike is too cool!

Ann said...

Nice bike! I owned a Harley years ago and went to Sturgis once. That was a trip! I've not been on line much lately and am just trying to catch up with my buds. I posted a new blog today too. ~Ann