Thursday, March 27, 2008

Completed LO's for Up & Running

My niece Lindsey has become engaged! She is in love with the Wizard of Oz (and Roy, too) and her wedding reception theme is The Wizard of Oz. I needed a little child picture of her and of Roy for the 2 red glitter rectangles. I had a lot of trouble with the text on the circle top.

Week 4 Lesson 1

This LO required turning the photo to Sepia. Actually, I don't care for it in Sepia. So, I created a second with the photo as is...,

I think the tones in the photo are better suited to this paper.

The last LO for Up and Running was creating a trapezoid photo block.

Michael's girlfriend's little girl.

A couple of other things I have been playing around with...,

Redfield Bas Relief

Cottage Arts Tutorial Creating Art Work...,

I cannot get the original photo the intensity that I would like. Have to work on that.

I found both of these on Sunny's 12 of 12 Blog.

Quote ...,


Dawn said... have been a busy your layouts and your photos...DID here we come!!

The Wolff Pack said...

Love your LO'S! Thought I'd pop by and leave some love. Are you in DID?

noel joy said...

look at all of your schtuff! :D i love the lo with the colorized (as is) photo. it really is beautiful.

the flower pics are done beautifully as well.

jeanne said...

I love the photo with the original tones. Simply beautiful. Also love what you are doing with the flowers.


Sunny said...

I'm so glad you tried the Redfield Bas Relief (isn't it awesome?) and the Cottage Arts tut. I think they turned out great. I also totally agree with you on the color of the picture of your mom........the original colors look wonderful.

The Wolff Pack said...

Susan, my dh and I were wondering if he tut was clear enough? I am so glad to hear it was! Thanks for the good thoughts sent our way reagrding my husband's surgery!!!! I'll catch you in DID tomorrow!!! I am so jazzed!

Ljonezy said...

Wow Susan your stuff looks so incredible. I love the lo with your mom and i agree it looks better with color. Simply stunning.

Kari said...

You have been a busy lady!! Up to lots of good ;) Great work on all of your LOs ... the one of your mother is gorgeous but I agree I like the natural tones of the original photo ... good eye!

Ann said...

These photographs are so lovely.