Thursday, March 13, 2008

Layouts Since I Last Posted

I love the Up and Running Class at JessicaSprague.

If you ever get a chance to take one of her classes, do! They are outstanding. This is my second one and plan to sign up for a third on March 24.

Here are LO's I have completed for the new class.

I am working on the mid-week one for this week and I will post it when I complete it.

Here is the mid week challenge.

Credits: Action: Photoblast Antique Color
Textures: Kimi Kreations Old Texture; Nicole Van, Worn Texture 12
KPertiet: Stacked Vintage Frames 2, Floral Clusters, Stamped Moments, grunged Overlay Inked (recolored), Inspired by KPertiet's LO "Shine"
SD: Stetson University Stamp
Overlay: AmyTeets_WhitieTighties6 29% Opacity

I used Liv's method for keeping track of the credits as I scrap! Great help!

I am loving a new tutorial at Kimi Kreations Blog. I am now addicted to textures!

Have a great day!!


Dawn said...

YEA!! These are great!! Can't wait for march 21 to register for the next class!! You've been busy...!

Carol said...

You have done a wonderful job on all your layouts! I too can't wait for DID.

Veevs said...

WOW Susan, your layouts are all so beautiful! Well done you with redoing U&R, how are you getting on with CS3??

PS - where in Liv's page is her information on keeping track of credits??

Ann said...

really nice work. I too can't wait to sign up on March 24 for DID. I think you were wise to take the first one over with your CS3

Angela2932 said...

Susan, these are wonderful! I especially like the Old Florida lo. I can't wait for the Digi in Deep class to start! It'll be so much fun to see what Jessica has in store for us.

SusanD said...

Veevs, you have been so great at visiting and commenting! Not I.

Send me your email address via here and I will send you the info re: credits.



Sunny said...

Susan - I finally got your last message on my blog. Thanks for all your kind words - post what you did, OK? I'd love to see how the Cottage Arts tut project turned out, as well as the sketch technique.

PS - I'm glad to find you've got a blog.

LivE said...

hi susan! thanks for referencing me in your blog... will post the file info directions on my blog rather than on the general forum (might be too long, lol!) and you can link to me from there... if you want. sounds good? :) i'll get to work on it right away, my friend! :D you did great with your U&R layouts! i'm still slowly inching my way to leaving love on all the layouts in your course gallery... over 980 for me to go through there (now only about 940... lol!) but i'll get to yours there too, by hook or by crook! :) have a great day, and thanks again! :D

Ljonezy said...

Your los are looking so good. I love the Old florida lo! You must be doing great with the new system. Great job. See you soon at the chat room!

Heather said...


I can't say enough about your cute blog header!!!! Love it. And I so admire your gentle and inspiring words you sprinkle all over the Spraground. :) {{{hugs}}}