Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Day!

I have a much better internet connection in Deland. This is sort of a day off; back to work tomorrow. We did partially set up and will finish tomorrow.

I did a LO to support Liv who is in the apprentice program at Little Dreamer Designs. Otherwise, I have spent the day trying to catch up; that won't happen tho. I am totally not participating in U&R yet. I have introduced myself and checked in a couple of times. I will probably wait until I am home to begin the course. It is difficult to break away from the General Forum..., Oh, well.

Here is the LO.

The extraction tool in PSE6 is truly awesome!

I met Jada Saturday. She is quite the charmer!

Have a great evening!


Jeanne said...

This is SO pretty!

Ann said...

I really like the LO you made with Liv's kit. The kit is just so easy to use and so inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Carol said...

A gorgeous page.

Jackie said...

I didn't leave comments on each lo but you did a great job with your nwr class.....very nice