Thursday, August 28, 2008

Can one Post Possibly Cover the Summer?

Can one Post Possibly Cover the Summer..., NOPE!

Jim & I have been on the road traveling in our motor home since the beginning of Aug. We have been seeking cooler temperatures and found it a lot cooler at Mt. Pisgah on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's one of our favorite places, lots of nice motorcycle riding on the Parkway. This is a LO using a Ali Edwards Template and AVictoria Pina Papers both available at Designer Digitals.

The huge event of the summer was Chris and Jada's wedding. AND the wonderful news that they are expecting. DS Chris being a father was something I never thought would possibly happen. We are all so thrilled, a gift from God. I will have to post a couple of photos of the wedding.

Jane & Wyatt were able to come and spend a weekend with us on the Parkway before we left for the AMCA meet in Davenport, Iowa.

Wyatt earned his Junior Ranger Badge; he was very proud of his certificate and badge.

We hiked, roasted marshmallows, all of the camp out fun.

Our first adventure when we left FL was to attend a ride in Bat Cave, NC. Yes, there really is a place with that name! We stayed at an RV park in Hendersonville, NC. Hendersonville is right in the middle of NC apple country. The area is gorgeous!

Endless roads lead to endless discoveries.

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The area is also famous for peaches. I was so happy to find lots of just picked fruits and veggies for sale.

Well, here we are in Davenport and coming here seeing all the Interstate signs to Chicago really made me emotional recalling the great time at out first Spraguefest.

I think that pretty well covers the biggies for the summer. I know I didn't say anything about the awesome time I had in Chicago. It was perfect and unlike anything I have ever done!

Oh, I did buy a Canon 40D but have only taken a few pics with it. It is heavy, but very sleek.

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Donna S. said...

I always love your pictures from the road. Sounds like a busy but happy summer for you!