Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trying to Blog Catch Up!

This is a photo I posted at JessicaSprague.com

The photo is a mid-week challenge in the Digital Photography class being taught by Candice Stringham. I love the class and this week is the last week. I feel like I have learned so much! The course was perfectly paced and got me off of auto and actually using the creative modes! Yah!

I bought a new digital camera, a Canon 40D. Love it, but I have a lot to learn about it.


Carol said...

I commented at JS but thought I would let you know again that I think this photo is fantastic. I also loved the course. Can't wait for another.
So how is the 40D? Had any practice yet?

Anke said...

Awesome picture, Susan. I don't even remember what the assignment was, LOL. You are doing great!!!!

Donna S. said...

gorgeous picture. Do you love your camera or what?!

Jackie said...

Wow...looks like I will need to take that class too :) Nice picture