Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Giveaway at Cotton Candy by Natalie

Natalie at Cotton Candy by Natalie is currently having a contest to give away one of her fabulous camera straps!

I love this one!

All of her straps are awesome! Check them out here!

I got to see her awesome straps in person at the Spraguefest 08 in Chicago. Her MIL Digital Deb was there.

I hope I can do a better job keeping this blog up!

Right now, we are in Hendersonville, NC, for a vintage road run tomorrow and Sunday. After that we are headed to the Parkway with no internet service, but hey two posts in one day! Gotta have some credit for that!

Happy days!

1 comment:

Anke said...

everybody is posting these straps, they do look great. I have to look them up!