Saturday, January 5, 2008

LOAD Continued!

Moriginals Template No 012
Papers and flowers: Little Dreamer Designs: LS_ApronStrings2 and LS_InMyGarden
Font: Fling & signature font P22Ceaznne

O.K. so one way to do these credits is to use papers from the same kit/designer/shop!!

The sig. I created as a brush. There are a lot of tuts about creating one's sig. as a brush. Just Gooogle. Lots of variations how you might want your sig...., copyright, photography, etc.

WW weigh in- down 2. I was at 10% and then celebrated myself right away from that with a 9 lb gain. I figured out today that I still have 13 lbs to go to goal. That is half of what I have kept off so far. Exhausting, but about 75% committed again.

Tonight I fixed WW soup. Jim says he cannot stand the smell of all the onions and garlic, but then again says he could have eaten it for dinner! He's a great sport!! So easy going!

I have played around with a couple different size LO's. Well, doing the original in 12 X 12 PSD, then saving at 300, 8 X 8 so that I can print at home. I am printing on satin paper; looks good! Two LO's I have put on 12 X 12 card stock; I am hybrid + I am using some of the 1K sheets of 12 X 12 paper I have. I am going to check out an 8 X 8 album at Michaels. Just some things to play around with. I think I still like looking at my LO's in an album.

Happy Day!

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Jackie said...

Loving your LOAD pictures..but had to comment on this one...yeah for WW....keep up the good only have 13 pounds to for you