Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trying to Get back on Track!

The one thing I have kept up is LOAD!

Last week it was off to Tampa to work the world's largest RV show. My GF with whom I taught for 16 years sold her home and bought an RV park in NC. She is really great at running that park; it is just like managing a group of kids! And, it too, like teaching is lots of hard work. The show was loud and crowded. I came home exhausted and didn't even stay the entire time.

I am tearing myself away from scrapping because I have to get my eBay business up and going again. I sell vintage motorcycle parts. I have ignored that since July!

I do want to post a couple of heritage LO's I did.

This one is my mom and dad. The stacked frames are from Authentic Artistry Blog. The paper from Weeds and Wildflowers, New Beginnings; calligraphy journal box, Mary Ann Wise Designer Digitals; and the swirls behind the stacked frames are Jofia Devoe Romantic Elements 3. Font P22 Cezanne and Century Gothic.

The only picture of which I am positive about the date is Mom's; it was done at a studio in Richmond, VA and is signed by the studio and dated 1939. It was Mom's graduation picture from the Medical College of Virginia Nursing School. I don't know the date of Dad's picture. The third picture which can barely be seen in the back is of Mom and Dad's wedding which was 1942.

This one is of Jim's (DH) mother. She had 8 children; that included one set of twins. This picture was taken when she was 16.

Bdate_piecesof poetry album. Berna Datema/Dutch Designs, Cut the two pager in half. Reworked a few of the flowers.

Dangling Ribbons Jofia Devoe Designs Romantic Memories Elements 3 Authentic Artristry

Calligraphy Journal boxes Mary Ann Wise Designer Digitals
Bleeding Cowboys
Century Gothic

I absolutely love Jeanne's heritage LO's; that got me inspired! Thank you Jeanne!

O.K. off to eBay!!


Laurie said...

Those LOs are so beautiful! The frames you used on the first one are perfect! Great job!

Jeanne said...

Absolutely stunning layouts! You called mine heritage? nah....THESE are heritage layouts.

Gorgeous and I'm happy to know my layouts inspired yours...:o)

Carol Dillon said...

I love your heritage layouts. It is a style I haven't tried yet, but must.

An RV park sounds real interesting, we don't tend to have your style RV's over here, we don't call them RV's either lol
Carol :-)

Jana said...

Your LO of your mom & dad is absolutely gorgeous! Love everything about it!

Jackie said...

Oh those vintage lo are really cute

Ljonezy said...

Love these los. They showcase the pic perfectly. you do all this plus run an ebay business? incredible.

Kari said...

These are gorgeous LOs!! I love to see the heritage photos :)

Veevs said...

Ohhh Susan, your LOs are stunning! Absolutely beautiful!! I need to learn to do heritage ones!