Friday, January 11, 2008

Today's LOAD & Thank you to tag participants! YEAH!

Lots of stuff going on today! I promise I will try to get this more interesting in a week! That is because next week I am working. More on that tom. Just wanted to get my LOAD for today on my blog.

So today's up LOAD...,

my son Chris. He does lots of music, film projects, commercials, extra, movies, Dr. G., Disney events, etc.

This particular one is Chris in the backup choir for the Jessica Simpson," Hark the Herald Angles Sing", Christmas Day ABC event. It began at 9:00 a.m. and finally at 11:50 a.m there it was!!! Whoo Hoo! It was amazing! So proud of you!!!, Chris.

AND, I appreciate you all taking part in Tagged. I love finding out the things that really makes us know one another.


Heather said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks again for walking me through the mosaic maker. And I finally completed my 7 random facts. You know, it was hard coming up with 7 more people to tag. :)

Liv said...

hey susan, you have a greatly talented (and great-looking) son! yay for your LOADs!!! your 7 random facts were so interesting... in case you get struck by wanderlust, know that you are always welcome to come stay in my home. :D see ya on the playground! (((hugs)))

Jana said...

Susan, you're doing a great job so far with your blog...............and no, I'm still not blogging. I remember this special LO of your son! Great job! Have a nice trip this week & see you when you get back on the MB!

Angela2932 said...

Wow, your son is seriously into music. My daughter is very much like that, although she's missing it in college now. I'm amazed at how much your son has done and no wonder you are feeling busy! Very nice, loving, lo.

Kari said...

What an awesome experience! Sounds like you have quite a talented son!!! Congrats on keeping up with the LOAD challenge - that is quite an accomplishment!